FlyTag firmware update – OTA

This recipe will help you update firmware on your FlyTag module.

For this tutorial you will need:

OTA Firmware Update:



Supply power to FlyTag:



  • Power OFF FlyTag module with the switch next to the USB
  • Off state is when the switch is in position closest to the USB
  • Plug in micro USB if the battery is low




FlyTag programmable mode:



  • While FlyTag is still OFF
  • Press the button (indicated on the picture)
  • While pressing the button slide the switch in the direction of the arrow (away from the USB)
  • You will see red and yellow LED light up
  • You can then release the button and the LEDs should stay on, if not FlyTag does not have enough power’


nRF Connect scan:



  • Download and install nRF Connect app if you have not yet.
  • Open the app.
  • If scan does not start on it’s own click SCAN on top of the screen.










nRF Connect connecting to device:



  • You should see device named ‘DfuTarg’, this is your FlyTag module
  • Press connect next to the device name










nRF Connect starting dfu:



    • Once the app connects to the phone you should see ‘DFU’ icon appear next to the DISCONNECT button as indicated by a red circle in the top right corner of the picture
  • Click on the ‘dfu’ icon









nRF Connect selecting distributable:



  • You will see this popup
  • Leave it as it is by default ‘Distribution packet (ZIP)’
  • Click OK
  • Find firmware distribution zip package that you have downloaded and click it









nRF Connect firmware upload:



  • Once you have clicked on firmware distribution package you will see this window
  • Here you will see the progress of uploading new firmware on your FlyTag module









nRF Connect firmware upload finished:



  • When firmware upload finishes you will see message indicated by the arrow which let’s yuoo know if the update was completed seccessfully
  • FlyTag module will reset once firmware update was finished
  • Now you are ready to test the FlyTag module














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