What is L-Tek IoT ?

L-TEK IoT is a family of open-source development boards that enable Internet of Things (IoT) and support various connectivity protocols (such as Bluetooth FlyTag module).


FlyTag – FF1502 sensor BLE

Boards have already implemented multiple sensors and I2C connection on the side pins, enabling different additional expansion options. Whole board comes already programed, which help application and web developers, to develop their application faster. While implemented TagConnect pins, enable engineers to reprogram the device in any way they wish.

You can very easy connect FlyTag module to IBM Bluemix services via various gateway, such as Raspberry PI 3, mbed, Arduino,…

With L-Tek IoT devices you can easily change your home into a smart-home. You can connect devices to your cloud and read data that you measured with FlyTag.

There is also avaiable phone application which you can download for your android or apple phone. In just few moments your phone can become a gateway to your server. Or  you can use your phone to store measured information and then download it to your PC.


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